French Twist

Directed By: Josiane Balasko


The original title is Gazon Maudit, but it is known internationally as French Twist. Loli (Victoria Abril) becomes infatuated with Marijo (Josiane Balasko), a lesbian plumber who makes repairs to her house. Her husband finds out and is pissed off, but when Loli discovers that he’s a cheater, she indulges in more passionate effusions with Marijo. The woman moves into the couple’s house and an intriguing ménage à trois begins.
The film is full of interesting sequences. In the 20th minute, we can see Victoria Abril naked, lying in bed, ready to play with her partner. Twenty-three minutes later, Josiane Balasko is immersed in the bathtub together with Victoria Abril, obviously naked. Fifteen minutes later Victoria gets out of bed and shows us her beautiful ass. An intriguing sex scene follows.
A few moments later, Victoria Abril shows us a fleeting full-frontal nude, then covers herself with a kitchen apron. The actress walks around the house for a few minutes wearing only this apron, which leaves her ass exposed and lets her breasts slip out occasionally. The film allows us only one more opportunity to admire Victoria Abril naked. It’s a post-sex sequence: Victoria and her partner are lying on a leather couch, naked. In the last half hour of the film, no one else gets naked.

Nude scenes