Hit Man nude scenes

Hit Man

Directed By: George Armitage


When we talk about blaxploitation, we immediately think of Pam Grier. There are many beautiful and sensual African-American actresses, but Pam Grier has always been our favorite. Still active in the cinema, the beautiful Pam has not undressed very often, but every time she took off her clothes our heart stopped for a few seconds. A fabulous body and two perfect tits!
We mentioned the blaxploitation because Hit Man is a film of this genre. NFL player Bernie Casey plays the role of a man who goes to Los Angeles after his brother was killed. Here he discovers that his niece was also killed, after being forced to work in some pornographic productions. From this moment, an act of unstoppable revenge begins, which will spare no one.
Pam Grier shows us her perfect breast and her firm ass, in a sex scene and in a threesome. The other nude actresses are Bhetty Waldron, Lisa Moore, Candy All and Marilyn Joi.

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