Directed By: Hubert Frank


At a wedding party, all the guests tell what happened during their honeymoon. Especially the first night. Under this pretext, the German director Hubert Frank presents us with various erotic episodes with some of the most beautiful actresses of 70s cinema.
Rena Bergen has sex inside a car. Ingrid Steeger and her new husband have an audience of friends who play pranks during intercourse. Ewa Strömberg has sex in the cinema, then on a roller coaster, finally on a tree. And then she has lesbian sex with Eva Czemerys.
Brigitte Goebel has sex on the campsite, but a passing car involuntarily tears the curtain. Eva Czemerys has sex in a trailer. Alexandra Bogojevic has a troubled honeymoon and Christina von Blanc doesn’t feel ready for sex.

Nude scenes