L’arma l’ora il movente

Directed By: Francesco Mazzei


A promiscuous priest has two relationships with two teachers at a religious school. The man decides to sever both relationships and the next day is found dead beside the altar. A commissioner takes charge of the investigation.
In the thirteenth minute a priest is talking to Eva Czemerys, who is sitting on the couch, barefoot, wrapped in a red blanket. Suddenly the actress stands up and drops the blanket, showing a beautiful full-frontal nude to the priest and to us. In the next scene the two are both naked and having sex in bed. Three minutes later Bedy Moratti takes off her robe to get into bed and shows us her breasts. Her husband becomes aroused by seeing her naked and wants to have sex. Seventeen minutes later Claudia Gravy takes off her nuns’ robes and goes to shower with other naked actresses (other nuns, in the film). Eight minutes later we find Bedy Moratti naked and lying on a bed. A man sits on the edge of the bed and talks to her and caresses her body. Fifteen minutes later Claudia Gravy and other nuns get topless, then flog their backs to exhale their sins. Sixteen minutes later Bedy Moratti is sitting on the sofa and watching television. The actress is wearing a robe with nothing underneath, and every time she moves the robe opens and we see her naked body. When Bedy stands up we also see her bush.

Nude scenes