Hot Line (Season 1)

Directed By: Sean Travis


Hot Line is an anthological TV series. Each episode presents us with a different story and all the stories are told by a caller to Rebecca, the radio host of a night program dedicated to erotic fantasy.
Being an erotic series, the interesting scenes are not lacking. And the nude actresses are so many. Our favorite scenes are those interpreted by Alex Meneses, who shows us a beautiful full nude, in a series of sequences among the most exciting of the season.
But the actresses who get naked in front of the camera are really many and we just have to make you list: Alex Meneses, Anzu Lawson, Cha Cha, Kathleen Scott, Kathy Shower, Maria Ford, Michelle Clunie, Pía Reyes, Rachel Wagner, Sandra Dee Robinson and Wendi Westbrook.

Nude scenes