Hot Line (Season 2)

Directed By: Romy Hayes


Hot Line is a television series from the 90s with self-contained episodes. The theme is eroticism and the various stories are told by the protagonists to the radio host of a private radio station. In the first season, the host is played by Shannon Tweed, while in the second season she is played by Tanya Roberts. No matters who, because unfortunately neither of them undresses.
But don’t worry: there are so many nude actresses in this TV series. The list is really long: Aleksandra Kaniak, Bari Buckner, Catherine Bell, Diana Cuevas, Jennifer Behr, Kehli O’Byrne, Kimber Sissons, Lesli Kay, Leslie Redden, Melinda Songer, Mimi Cochran, Monique Parent, Nicola Kelly, Nina Lorena, Peggy Trentini, Susan Featherly, Vanessa A. Dorian and Victoria Morsell.
Our favorite clip is the one with Catherine Bell nude, but the lesbian sequences with Aleksandra Kaniak and Jennifer Behr or with Peggy Trentini and Monique Parent are also very intriguing. But making a hit parade of the best scenes is practically impossible. They are all fabulous.

Nude scenes