House of Lies (Season 3)

Directed By: Stephen Hopkins


In the third season of House of Lies, the protagonists face new challenges as they deal with the consequences of their past actions. Between tumultuous relationships and bold corporate manoeuvres, the characters try to reassert their power and integrity, as they did in the first and second seasons.
At the beginning of the second episode Salli Richardson-Whitfield has sex with a man. He is lying on the bed and she rides him with great transport. The third episode begins with a sex scene. Kristen Bell wears low-cut black lingerie and rides a man. She is not naked, but her moans of pleasure excite us greatly. One minute into episode five, Alice Hunter is leaning against a table and wearing a tank top and see-through panties. When she turns to greet a man who has just entered the room, she lifts her tank top and shows him her tits. Nineteen minutes later Jenny Slate is riding a man on a bed. The woman is wearing a particularly low-cut bra. In the seventeenth minute of the seventh episode a man is leaning against the edge of a swimming pool, submerged in water. Kristen Bell is inside the water and approaches him. She kisses him and we see her hard nipples under her swimwear. A shot from above shows us Kristen’s exciting cleavage, then the roles are reversed. She is leaning over the edge and he is placed in front of her. At the beginning of the eighth episode Eliza Coupe is on the beach with other people and is wearing a transparent tank top. We can clearly see the shape of her breasts and her hard nipples. Eight minutes later a man is lying in bed and Dawn Olivieri naked is on top of him. In the following scene the actress is wearing a red dressing gown, but she takes it off almost immediately to show off her beautiful tits. In the tenth episode a guy enters a bedroom and finds Eliza Coupe wearing a white transparent tank top.

Nude scenes