I Caldi peccati

Directed By: Lakis Lalos


Greek production with the participation of a couple of Italian porn stars (Guia Lauri Filzi and Antonella Simonetti). The original title is I Gomenes tou Rendi ke ta Pedia tis Piatsas. The plot is totally not linear, but is confusing and ends with a change in the noir genre, with a kidnapped girlfriend.
Guia Lauri Filzi is only present at the beginning of the film. She calls a taxi and fucks the taxi driver. A man delivers a package to Antonella Simonetti, who opens the front door completely naked. Needless to tell you how it ends: the man also delivers another package.
The Greek pornstars are Katerina Spathi, Elena Danou, and Monika Dimitriou. Katerina Spathi wears stockings and suspenders and has sex with her partner. First, she sucks him, then comes the penetration. Monika Dimitriou plays a typical scene in Greek porn films: the fuck on the beach.
The last scene of the film stars Elena Danou, who blows two men and then has sex with them.

Nude scenes