I prosseneti

Directed By: Brunello Rondi


An aristocratic couple decides to reconvert their mansion into a dating house. Here, various strange characters meet, each with their own story. I prosseneti is an enjoyable film full of naked actresses.
In the 10th minute Stefania Casini undresses in front of the mirror. Soon after, the actress is on the roof of a house together with a man. She has her robe open and we see her boobs and a very sexy pair of stockings and garters. In the next scene we find Stefania Casini naked together with a man in an empty room. Five minutes later Juliette Mayniel is sitting in the garden on a wicker chair. The actress unbuttoned her shirt to show a boob to a man next to her. Seven minutes later a man plays a bongo and Silvia Dionisio dances naked around him. The two later are on a boat, then on a lawn, and he is tied to a tree. All this time Silvia Dionisio is topless. Finally, the two have sex inside a shed. Five minutes later a man is watching a film projected on a wall of a room while Ilona Staller undresses and stands over him. Thirty-one minutes later, Sonja Jeannine lies on a table with a number of people, both men and women, around her. The people undress her and pour champagne over her.

Nude scenes