Il Decamerone proibito

Directed By: Antonio Racioppi, Carlo Infascelli


Among the many Italian decamerotics, Il Decamerone proibito is one of the rarest. Unlike almost all the others, this is not an episodic film but is a single story that unfolds throughout the ninety minutes of duration. Young Ferruccio leaves Florence to bring a message to the abbot of a convent and is persuaded to become a monk. Meanwhile, two painters frolic with beautiful women.
The film is full of nude actresses, some of the most beautiful of the period. The first to strip is Malisa Longo, who shows us her fabulous tits, among the most beautiful in Italian cinema. Soon after, Gabriella Giorgelli shows us a cleavage from which her nipples can be glimpsed. Five minutes later a sex scene finally arrives. Malisa Longo dazzles us with a full-frontal nude and gives herself to a man on a straw bed. We see the nude actress again a moment later, but this time she is wearing a chastity belt.
A minute later, Gabriella Giorgelli is bathing in a wooden basin. The actress comes out of the water and delights us with a beautiful full-frontal nude, then gives way in the basin to Elena Veronese, who strips naked. The two actresses talk to each other and massage their tits and pussies, in a very exciting sequence. Thirty seconds later, Gabriella Giorgelli is trying to seduce a monk.
The list of naked actresses is not over, and five minutes later we are confronted with another of the most beautiful breasts in Italian cinema. Orchidea De Santis appears in all her beauty and shows us tits and ass in a couple of sequential scenes. Nine minutes later, Elena Veronese is about to have sex with a man but she is interrupted by Gabriella Giorgelli. Later, Malisa Longo poses nude for a painter. Four minutes after that, we enjoy the full-frontal nude of Margaret Rose Keil in a sex scene. Meanwhile, Gabriella Giorgelli has finally succeeded in seducing the young friar and is having a nice and satisfying fuck. The film closes with three nude scenes performed by Margaret Rose Keil, Malisa Longo, and Orchidea De Santis.

Nude scenes