Il dolce corpo di Deborah

Directed By: Romolo Guerrieri


A couple is in Geneva for their honeymoon. The two meet a friend of her husband, who accuses him of leading his previous girlfriend to suicide. From this moment on, paranoia and scruples of conscience. The two feel constantly threatened, and one night the bride is about to be killed. As the film progresses, we discover everything differs from what it seems.
In the first nude scene, Carroll Baker strips and walks into the shower, where her man is waiting for her. The two of them get some cuddles and we can look at the actress’s tits. A few minutes later, we can admire Carroll Baker naked in bed with her man.
About ten minutes later, the actress is wearing a tight dress that leaves no room for the imagination, showing the perfect shapes of her ass. Following, are two sex scenes, one with Carroll Baker, and the other with Ida Galli (credited as Evelyn Stewart). Ten minutes later, Carroll Baker brings us the latest sexy scene from the film.

Nude scenes