La moglie vergine

Directed By: Franco Martinelli


A young couple gets married, but the husband is unable to have sex with his wife because of his Oedipus complex. It seems impossible since the wife is Edwige Fenech, but the mother is Carroll Baker. La moglie vergine is a bolder-than-average Italian sexy comedy with many hot scenes and full-frontal nudity.
After the opening credits, we find Gabriella Giorgelli naked in bed doggy style, with one of the lead actors behind her. A minute later, Edwige Fenech is wearing a robe with transparency over her breasts. Her partner caresses her boobs, then wants to have sex. The actress undresses in front of the man and shows us her perfect body. We are talking about Edwige Fenech, one of the most beautiful bodies in Italian cinema. A minute later, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi is putting order in the chicken coop, while the man helping her looks up her skirt. Excitement rises and the man undresses her, but the two are interrupted. Seven minutes later, Edwige gives us the first full-frontal nude of the film. In the next scene, Gabriella Giorgelli has sex in the kitchen.
This film is a succession of nude scenes, and two minutes later Maria Rosaria Riuzzi is having sex on the terrace with a man. Another two minutes and Florence Barnes is licking and sucking a banana. Soon after, Florence has sex in bed. At the same time, there is Maria Rosaria Riuzzi naked in bed with a man and Edwige Fenech naked in bed alone, masturbating by helping herself with erotic thoughts. The next morning Edwige Fenech and Florence Barnes sunbathe from the bow of a boat. Florence spreads suntan lotion on Edwige’s tits, who gets almost as aroused as we do. In the evening, Edwige arranges a striptease for her husband. A long, instant erection scene.
Twelve minutes later, Florence Barnes is submerged in water for the inevitable bathtub scene (or shower, depending on the movie). At the same time, her husband is looking up Maria Rosaria Riuzzi‘s skirt, standing on the stairs to dust the furniture. Later, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi is having sex in the basement among the salamis, and Florence Barnes is getting a relaxing massage. Twelve minutes later, Edwige Fenech is completely soaked with rain. She undresses and warms herself in front of the fire, then has sex with a man. Before the end of the film, Carroll Baker also undresses, resolving the Oedipus complex.

Nude scenes