Il medico… la studentessa

Directed By: Silvio Amadio


Claudia (Gloria Guida) has been promoted to her senior year of high school and is about to leave for a vacation in London. Her wicked stepmother (Nieves Navarro), convinces Claudia’s father not to let her leave. In revenge, Claudia reveals all of her stepmother’s love affairs.
In the first hot scene, Gloria Guida gives us a fabulous full-frontal nude in the middle of a meadow. Eight minutes later, the blond goddess dances naked at the window. A few seconds later, the actress is trying to seduce a doctor. A few minutes later, the doctor visits Gloria Guida again.
The film also features Nieves Navarro naked. In the first sequence, the actress walks on all fours while a man rides her. In the second, Nieves has sex in bed with her man.
Nothing erotic happens for about 25 minutes, then comes a long sequence with Gloria Guida naked. Both actresses star in the last hot scene of the film.

Nude scenes