Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio

Directed By: Maurizio Pradeaux


A photographer named Kathy (Nieves Navarro) accidentally glimpses through a tourist telescope the murder of a woman. She cannot see the killer’s face clearly, but reports the incident to the police anyway. However, other witnesses who saw the killer flee are soon found brutally murdered. Of consequence, Kathy fears for her own life.
In the tenth minute we find Anuska Borova naked trying to have sex with her man, but he is indisposed due to “intellectual exertion” because of a show he has to perform. Ten minutes later the camera direction frames a hand removing a sheet from the bed. Underneath is Nieves Navarro naked and sensual. In the next scene, Anuska Borova has sex with a man in a bed. Six minutes later, Nieves Navarro sits on the bed next to her partner. He pulls off her panties and removes her shirt, then has sex with her. Eight minutes later we are witnessing an intriguing dance by Cristina Tamborra. A man plays the piano and she dances topless. Later, Anuska Borova stands in front of her partner and opens her robe to show him her naked, inviting body. He accepts the invitation and has sex with her. Fifteen minutes later Nieves Navarro is standing in front of a man totally naked. The two talk while he draws a portrait of her. Another nine minutes pass and a beautiful naked blond actress goes to lie next to naked Anna Liberati, who is waiting for her in bed.

Nude scenes