Il paradiso delle signore (Season 2)

Directed By: Monica Vullo


Life goes on at Paradiso delle Signore, the women’s dress store featured in this television series. As in the first season, we follow the affairs of the owner and all his employees, especially the beautiful sales clerks. There is not a lot of footage for us lovers of nude actresses, but we can still lust our eyes over some beautiful women.
In the early episodes, we can enjoy several sexy sequences with beautiful legs and sheer stockings. Giorgia Masseroni, Margherita Tiesi, Andrea Osvárt, and Christiane Filangieri delight us in some very intriguing scenes. At the end of the thirteenth episode, finally, the first nudity arrives, with a beautiful sex scene. Andrea Osvárt is in bed with a man, she gets on top of him and undresses, showing us her perfect breasts. The next sex scene is in episode 16. Alice Torriani has sex with a man on the couch, but she does not take off her clothes completely.

Nude scenes