Il signor Quindicipalle

Directed By: Francesco Nuti


Il Signor Quindicipalle is a story of love and billiards. Francesco becomes a champion on the green tables to fulfill the dream of his father, now dead. During one of the visits to the cemetery Francesco meets a high-class prostitute (Sabrina Ferilli) who makes him fall in love.
In the thirteenth minute the alarm clock sounds to wake Sabrina Ferilli and Giulia Weber, who are in bed together and sleeping in each other’s arms. Giulia rolls over to turn off the alarm and uncovers her boobs. Sabrina gets up and walks toward the kitchen wearing only a white shirt. Immediately afterwards we watch in quick sequence Sabrina Ferilli in the bathtub and then in front of the mirror, where she admires herself in lingerie and black hold-up stockings. Many minutes later (fifty-four) Gabriella Bartolini opens her shirt in front of a man and shows him a nice pair of tits. The woman wants to hear an opinion about her breasts. Immediately afterwards Sabrina Ferilli rolls over on the bed and shows us a perfect ass.

Nude scenes