Images in a Convent

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


After the death of her father, the noble Isabella (Paola Senatore) is sent to a convent, to steal her from the vicious uncle, who could plagiarize her. Obviously, Isabella is not happy at all. Fortunately for her, this convent is not as austere as she might think. The evil influence of a demon has made the nuns quite dissolute, and they enjoy a lot within the convent walls, kissing and licking between legs.
Sister Marta (Marina Hedman) is sexually attracted to Sister Licinia (Sylviane Anne Marie Plard): first, she whips her, then kisses her, then licks her and finally the two engage in a breathtaking 69. Sylviane Anne Marie Plard only starred in this film and we are very sorry. This actress is the hottest in the film and is the interpreter of all the lesbian scenes, with Paola Senatore and Marina Hedman.
Some men also sneak into the convent and in addition to Countess Isabella, Sister Giulia (Maria Rosaria Riuzzi) can also enjoy some heterosexual sex.
Director Joe D’Amato also inserts a hardcore sequence with Marina Hedman giving a blowjob to one man while another fucks her.
In the role of the Mother Superior, we find the Turkish actress and dancer Nana Aslanoglu. Unfortunately, she doesn’t take off her clothes, but she gives us a very interesting self-erotic scene. Auto-eroticism is also proposed to us by Paola Maiolini and Maria Rosaria Riuzzi, in two super exciting scenes.

Nude scenes