Directed By: Paolo Genovese


Six former schoolmates receive very bad news. The high school exam they took 20 years ago is invalid, due to a bureaucratic problem. The six have to repeat the exam, in order not to lose their graduation and any degrees they subsequently earned. The six meet to help each other prepare for the test, while simultaneously taking stock of their lives.
After 27 minutes Luisa Ranieri gives us a spectacular view of her thighs. She’s lying on the couch, looking at old photos. Immediately after, Tiziana Buldini is naked in bed with one of the main characters. Four minutes later there is the best nude scene in the film. Giulia Michelini is in the bathtub with a man. The girl gets out of the tub, covered only with foam. She talks and walks around the tub, the foam slips off, and we can see a full-frontal nude of Giulia Michelini. Forty-two minutes later, Ambra Angiolini and Barbora Bobulova are at the beach in bikinis.

Nude scenes