Immoral Women

Directed By: Walerian Borowczyk


With this film, Polish director Walerian Borowczyk slaps right-thinking people and tells us three different stories, all starring a woman.
Margherita Luti (Marina Pierro) is the last woman who saw the Italian artist Raffaello Sanzio alive. Only she knows if the man died from the cold or from pleasure.
Marcéline (Gaëlle Legrand) is a sweet and kind girl who masturbates on the lawn next to her white bunny. But this angelic girl may be hiding an unexpected diabolical strength.
Marie (Pascale Christophe) is the wife of a wealthy art collector, who is kidnapped by a gangster. Marie’s dog comes to rescue her and the gangster is in great trouble.
A slightly sick eroticism is what transpires from this film, but there are many interesting scenes. Marina Pierro is the one who gives us the most erotic sequences and in this film she is of majestic beauty.
The original title of the film is Les héroïnes du mal.

Nude scenes