Industry (Season 1)

Directed By: Lena Dunham


After the financial crash of 2008, young bankers and traders make their way into the financial world. We witness the stories of five young graduates and their different work approaches during their first weeks at Pierpoint & Co. Fortunately, we also look at some nice breasts, in various interesting scenes that we are going to describe.
In the first episode, Myha’la Herrold is chatting on the computer with a guy. Shortly after, the two masturbate while arousing each other in video chat. Later, Ali Tate Cutler has sex with a boy in the bathrooms of a nightclub.
In the second episode, Marisa Abela wants to have sex with her boyfriend, but she can’t get it done, despite stunning lingerie and a fabulous pair of boobs. A few minutes later, however, he licks her between the legs while she is sitting on the kitchen table.
Episode three gives us a nice long fuck by Myha’la Herrold, who is the only nude actress in episode four as well, where she takes an invigorating shower.
In the fifth episode, there are some very interesting scenes. Marisa Abela takes topless pictures of herself with her phone, to send to a boy as masturbatory material. In the next scene, she is the one masturbating while looking at the photos of him, immersed in the bathtub. Myha’la Herrold concludes the episode’s nudes with an exciting sex scene.

Nude scenes