No mires para abajo nude scenes

No mires para abajo

Directed By: Eliseo Subiela


Certain random encounters can be very fortunate. Eloy, for example, is a young Argentine guy who suffers from sleepwalking. Walking into the night, he falls through an open skylight and ends up in the bed of Elvira, a young woman from Barcelona visiting her grandmother. From this moment, the two make friends and Elvira will teach Eloy tantric sex.
No mires para abajo is one of those romantic movies that we like, because in addition to theoretical romanticism there is also a lot of practice. For most of the film, it is possible to admire Antonella Costa naked. Full frontal nudes and sex in all positions.
Antonella Costa is very beautiful and her body is stunning. We watch her ecstatically as she experiences the various sexual positions together with her partner. Five well-deserved nudometer stars.

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