Ingrid sulla strada

Directed By: Brunello Rondi


Ingrid (Janet Agren) is a Finnish girl who runs away from her past and travels to Rome, where she pursues a career as a prostitute. In Rome Ingrid meets Claudia (Francesca Romana Coluzzi) and her pimp, a sadistic and violent man. This is a film with very raw and intriguing moments, with a young Janet Agren playing her role perfectly.
At the beginning of the film, Janet Agren is in the bathroom of a train and is taking off her panties to throw them away and never put them back on, beginning her career as a prostitute. Seventeen minutes later, Janet Agren and Francesca Romana Coluzzi are lying on a bed and delighting us with their thighs wrapped in pantyhose.
Nine minutes later the two women are with a client and we can see Janet’s boobs. This is a very soft sequence, but also very exciting. To see Janet Agren naked we have to wait 42 minutes. The actress is straddling a man walking on all fours. One minute later there is a sex scene; Janet Agren is wearing white stockings and shows us a frontal nude. Five minutes later we see Janet Agren naked for the last time in this film.

Nude scenes