Invasion of the Bee Girls

Directed By: Denis Sanders


A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth’s women into queen bees that kill men by sexually consuming them.
In the ninth minute Colleen Brennan rides a motorbike naked and stops beside a meadow, where a man is waiting for her. In another meadow, Susan Player unbuttons her shirt and shows her tits to a soldier. In a long sequence Anitra Ford undresses in front of a man and then gets into bed with him. First she takes off her dress and remains topless and in black panties, then she takes those off too and shows a nice ass to the camera. In another sequence Anna Aries undresses to enter a strange machine, then some women sprinkle her with a strange milky liquid and cover her completely. Anna Aries and Rene Bond star in another intriguing sequence next to this strange device. Later, Victoria Vetri also undresses next to the machine. The film features an intriguing private striptease of Beverly Powers, who removes her clothes and stockings for her man.

Nude scenes