Komm, liebe Maid und mache

Directed By: Giuseppe Zaccariello


Komm, liebe Maid und mache (AKA The Brazen Women of Balzac AKA Alle dame del castello piace molto fare quello) tells the story of an count and countess who receive guests in their castle. To defeat the inevitable boredom, the guests engage in the best hobby in the world: sex.
In the 31st minute, a young Edwige Fenech is standing in an armchair. She is topless and has her back turned, then the camera pans in front of her and we admire her beautiful breasts. Edwige sits in the armchair and fidgets excitedly. The actress is wearing a see-through robe when we see her again a short time later. In the next room, Catherine Alt is having sex with a man, but someone knocks and interrupts them. Three minutes after this interruption we find Caterina Alt naked, sitting on the bed, chatting with Francy Fair. After the chatting, Catherine is furious and eager for sex. Francy gets into bed with her and we enjoy a soft lesbian scene. Soon after, a door opens and Edwige Fenech enters a man’s room. The actress starts talking to him. She is still wearing her transparent robe. In the next scene there are four naked actresses sitting in a meadow: Caterina Alt, Edwige Fenech, Francy Fair and Michaela May. They are reading prurient tales and laughing, spied on by some men. When their horses run away, the women leap to their feet and chase after them. A moment later we are watching naked amazons riding white horses. Eighteen minutes later, a mysterious masked dancer dances topless. After the performance she removes her mask and it’s Catherine Alt. At the same time, Edwige Fenech sits in a barn and strips naked. In another room is another masked actress. It’s Michaela May, who has sex with a man leaning against a table.

Nude scenes