Kukhnya (Season 1) nude scenes

Kukhnya (Season 1)

Directed By: Oleg Mastich, Vitaliy Shlyappo


Maksim “Max” Lavrov dreams of becoming a great chef but will find that the kitchen of a restaurant is a place full of problems. It will not be easy to make a career. The Claude Monet restaurant will be the scene of many situations and the work will not consist only of cooking.
Kukhnya is a Russian television series, which we analyzed very carefully without understanding a single word. So why didn’t we give up? Because in this TV series there are a couple of very sexy Russian actresses: Elena Podkaminskaya and Olga Kuzmina. There are no nude sequences, but lingerie, black stockings, turgid nipples under the shirt… Believe us, they will excite you.

Nude scenes