Kukhnya (Season 4) nude scenes

Kukhnya (Season 4)

Directed By: Oleg Mastich, Vitaliy Shlyappo


Here we are at the fourth season of Kukhnya. If you want to follow the adventures of chef Maksim “Max” Lavrov at the restaurant Claude Monet you have to understand Russian, otherwise do as we do and enjoy the beautiful actresses of this TV series.
Elena Podkaminskaya returns in all her beauty. Olga Kuzmina is also back. We had already seen her in the first season. Unfortunately, there is no Valeriya Fedorovich in this season, but in her place comes the sensual Irina Temicheva.
In this fourth season, Elena Podkaminskaya gives us many supersexy sequences: sex scenes, lingerie, stockings… Truly beautiful sequences.

Nude scenes