Directed By: Massimo Donati


Sandro Lorenzini is a Lugano lawyer and together with his partner runs a law firm with passion and dedication. Sandro is very good at his job, but he is awkward in his daily life between his wife, daughter, and an attractive journalist (Tamara Donà).
This Swiss-made series contains rare sequences with Tamara Donà naked.
In the 22nd minute of the sixth episode, Tamara is sleeping hugging a man. The actress is wearing a white tank top, but a nipple peeps out. In the thirty-eighth minute of episode seven Cecilia Broggini takes off her shirt to have sex with a guy and remains topless. In episode eight we admire Tamara Donà naked as she changes clothes. After going topless, the actress wears a tight white shirt, under which her nipples are visible. At the beginning of the fifteenth episode, Magdalena Grochowska plays golf in her living room wearing only sexy lingerie and hold-up stockings. Thirty-five minutes later the actress is sitting on the edge of the bed, again wearing lingerie and hold-ups. At the end of the sixteenth episode we see again the golf sequence that opened the previous episode, but from a different point of view.

Nude scenes