Directed By: Mario Gariazzo


An art student (Stella Carnacina) is working on a strange religious icon, which has a strong sexual influence on her. Gradually the student becomes possessed by the demon and the icon comes to life.
In the thirteenth minute Lucretia Love lies on the bed and gives us a fabulous full-frontal nude. A man caresses her with roses, then with the same roses he wounds her with thorns. Six minutes later, a man rips off Stella Carnacina‘s dress, freeing her breasts, then has sex with her. Six minutes later, the actress doesn’t undress but arouses us with the performance of an orgasm, touching herself between her legs and cupping her breasts. Later, priestess Bruna Beani walks toward the camera and her robe opens, revealing her naked, white-painted body. Thirty-two minutes later, Stella Carnacina tries to seduce the priest who is exorcising her. The woman caresses her body and licks her lips.

Nude scenes