La ragazza fuoristrada

Directed By: Luigi Scattini


In the early 1970s director Luigi Scattini decided to tackle the issue of racism, which in Italy apparently didn’t seem to exist. To do so he chose the beautiful Eritrean actress Zeudi Araya, who plays the wife of the main character in the film La ragazza fuoristrada. He meets her in Egypt, falls in love with her, brings her to Italy and marries her. Unfortunately, the woman will encounter racism, meanness, and hypocrisy.
In the 15th minute Zeudi Araya is featured in a sexy photo shoot in the sand dunes. Two minutes later the actress is making out with a man. The two are standing on the sand at sunset. Five minutes later Zeudi is having sex with a man in a semi-dark room. Eleven minutes later mysterious actress Cristine Weeks is featured in a topless photo shoot. Thirty-one minutes later Lucretia Love is naked in a bed having sex with a man.

Nude scenes