La collegiale

Directed By: Gianni Martucci


5 full stars in our nudometer for this movie by the director Gianni Martucci, La collegiale. Femi Benussi, Martha Katherin and Sofia Dionisio undress themselves magnanimously in front of the camera.
Martha Katherin is an almost unknown actress, with only one film in her career, this. What a pity. She is the leading actress, a girl who comes home from college and discovers the sexual perversions of her family.
Femi Benussi no needs introduction. One of the queens of nude cinema in the 70s, famous in Italy and in the rest of the world.
The third actress is Sofia Dionisio, sister of the most famous Silvia, beautiful and soft, with fabulous tits.
All three give us beautiful sequences of nudes, even full frontals.

Nude scenes