La collegiale

Directed By: Gianni Martucci


Daniela is a naive student who returns home from boarding school and discovers that her family lives in sexual excess. Her stepmother is particularly uninhibited, her aunt is a nymphomaniac, and her cousin is perverted… there is something for everyone in this comedy, the only starring film for the beautiful Sofia Dionisio (sister of the more famous Silvia).
Twelve minutes into the film we find Sofia Dionisio naked in the shower, in a brief sequence. Eleven minutes later, the actress is bothered by three burglars, who remove her clothes. The malicious men’s intentions are interrupted by the providential arrival of a man. Later, Marta Katherin is in bed with a man and they have sex. A very beautiful actress, who unfortunately only acted in this film. Four minutes later Femi Benussi gives us a fabulous full-frontal nude while bathing in a wooden basin. Later, Marta Katherin performs a private striptease.
In the next scene, Sofia Dionisio has sex with the protagonist in the half-light of a bedroom. Two minutes later, Marta Katherin is lying in bed. The actress lifts the covers and shows us a full-frontal nude. Immediately after, the second striptease of the film is performed by a horny Femi Benussi. Two minutes later, Sofia Dionisio is naked and covered only by a banner.

Nude scenes