La Corona di Ferro

Directed By: Alessandro Blasetti


Italy, 1941. We are in the fascist regime and La corona di ferro wins the Mussolini Cup for the best Italian movie.
But the fame of this fairytale kolossal comes to the present day for a more curious reason: the first naked breast in the history of Italian cinema. A nude that made a lot of scandal, of course. The indicted breasts are those of Vittoria Carpi. But is it really the first nude of Italian cinema? Clara Calamai in the following movie by the same director, La cena delle beffe, shows her breasts.
So whose is the first naked breast? Chronologically it’s by Vittoria Carpi, but the Carpi was only a guest star, while the Calamai was the main actress.
Who cares about who has arrived before, let’s enjoy the tits!