La Liceale seduce i professori

Directed By: Mariano Laurenti


La liceale seduce i professori is a classic Italian-style sexy comedy, part of the prolific high school genre. It cannot be counted among the funniest, but it has some qualities. First of all, it shows us Donatella Damiani nude, a beautiful actress who supports the leading actress Gloria Guida. Damiani has numerous fans: she’s good, beautiful, and has two impressive boobs.
In the role of the seductive schoolgirl is Gloria Guida. She was about 25 at the time, but her very young face made her suitable for these school roles.
The first nude in the film is offered to us by Lorraine De Selle, who undresses in the seventh minute to take part in erotic role-playing with her husband, disguised as Tarzan. For thirteen minutes no one undresses, then there is Gloria Guida naked in the shower, spied on by a man. Another twenty-two minutes pass with no naked actresses, then we watch Donatella Damiani naked in a nighttime sex scene next to a turned-off fountain. The sex is interrupted by the jets of the fountain, which turns on just as the two are making out. The actress has a sex scene a few minutes later, still nocturnal. She and a guy lie on a blanket placed on the lawn. Soon after, someone rings the doorbell for Lorraine De Selle, who is lying in bed topless. The actress gets up and puts on a red robe, which is left slightly open at the front, showing her breasts to her guests. Seven minutes later, Lorraine De Selle undresses in front of a man dressed as a woman in an attempt to seduce him. Ten minutes later, a man enters the bedroom of Donatella Damiani, who is sleeping naked. The two start chatting while sitting on the bed. Donatella Damiani‘s boobs are visible and fabulous. Eight minutes later, the last hot scene of the film: Gloria Guida has sex with a man on a blanket resting on the floor.

Nude scenes