Tre sotto il lenzuolo

Directed By: Michele Massimo Tarantini, Paolo Dominici


Film consisting of three episodes, all based on the theme of marital infidelity. Many nude actresses and several interesting sequences.
At the beginning of the first episode we find Sonia Viviani naked in a bed, sleeping. When she wakes up, she acts as if she expects to find someone beside her, but she is disappointed because the bed is empty. A minute later, the actress goes sunbathing by the pool, topless, spied on by a neighbor. At the same time, a man wakes up next to Lorraine De Selle, who is wearing yellow lingerie. He caresses and kisses her breasts. In the next room, Orchidea De Santis is having coffee wearing a gown open at the front, which allows a glimpse of her large breasts. Five minutes later, the man is making out on the couch with Lorraine De Selle. In the house opposite, Sonia Viviani has gotten enough sun and is taking a shower in the garden. The neighbor pretends to water the flowers to walk past her, then the two end up splashing each other with the water hose. Later the two are making out at her house, but her husband arrives and they run and hide in the bathroom. After copulating three times with Sonia Viviani, the man comes home exhausted and throws himself on the bed. He is welcomed by naked Lorraine De Selle, who wants to have sex with him. In the second episode, after a dozen minutes the buxom Patrizia Webley appears. The woman is lying on the bed and talking on the phone. She opens her robe to release her big tits. Fifteen minutes later Daniela Poggi receives a man at home wearing stunning white lingerie. In the sixth minute of episode three, naked Cindy Leadbetter is in bed with a man who has just sprayed champagne on her. He falls asleep and she leaves the room, but a minute later they are in bed together again. Six minutes later we watch Cindy Leadbetter naked in the shower and it is the last nude scene in the film.

Nude scenes