La notte più lunga dell’anno

Directed By: Simone Aleandri


The film tells various stories and all of them take place during a single, long night, between 21st and 22nd December (the winter solstice). There is a politician who is going through a disheartening moment, a guy who is having an affair with a married woman, three unambitious young men, and a dancer who would like to change her life.
We are super fans of Ambra Angiolini and we don’t miss any of her films. In this, after a long wait of over an hour, Ambra finally takes off her coat and shows us a breathtaking transparent dress. At the beginning of the sequence, Ambra is sitting in the car and lowers herself to give the driver a blowjob, then she gets up and gets out of the car. The actress walks toward us showing us her perfect tits wrapped in a transparent shirt.

Nude scenes