La nuora giovane

Directed By: Luigi Russo


Franco is a rich and fascinating entrepreneur who is experiencing a moment of boredom with his wife. Having to live in close contact with his daughter-in-law, he begins to fall in love with her.
Simonetta Stefanelli gives us the first nude scene in the film. The actress wears her wedding dress and undresses bit by bit while having sex with her newlywed husband. Ten minutes later Florence Barnes appears naked, in a scene on the stairs. The actress still excites us moments later, when she flashes breathtaking full-frontal nude by the pool. The excitement increases in the following scene: Florence Barnes is kneeling on a chair with her ass facing us.
In another scene, Simonetta Stefanelli is having sex with her husband, while Florence Barnes is in the next room, lying on her bed, topless.
The film also has some exciting sequences for foot fetishists. In the first scene, there is a long shot of Simonetta Stefanelli‘s feet; toward the middle of the film, there is a long sequence with Florence Barnes‘ feet in the foreground, caressing a man while he is driving. The seduction works, and in fact a minute later the two are fucking on the hood of the car.
There are eighteen minutes with no nude scenes, then Florence Barnes removes her panties while in the pool. From under the water, we admire her inviting ass. After another eight minutes, Simonetta Stefanelli is completely naked, lying in a hammock. She gets up and walks toward the protagonist. Before the film’s end we witness three more interesting scenes: Luciana Proietti comes out of the bathroom with her boobs exposed, Simonetta Stefanelli has sex in front of the fireplace, and Paola D’Egidio does a striptease for her friends.

Nude scenes