La porta rossa (Season 1) nude scenes

La porta rossa (Season 1)

Directed By: Carmine Elia


Commissioner Leonardo Cagliostro got a tip and went to the place where a big drug dealer is hiding. At the police station, however, there is a spy, a traitor, and the inspector will have an unpleasant surprise. A surprise that will lead him to his death.
Leonardo Cagliostro has always been a stubborn man and not even death can stop him. Instead of crossing the “red door” leading to the afterlife he remains in the world of the living to investigate and find his murderer. But only one girl is able to see him, and he will need her help.
A beautiful Italian television series that in the first season offered, in addition to a compelling storyline, also great nude sequences. Gabriella Pession wears t-shirts that show off her turgid nipples, takes a shower showing us her round ass and her perfect little tits and gives us other sex sequences.
Elena Radonicich is a blonde and attractive actress, with two fabulous tits and big hard nipples. Finally, there is Yuliya Mayarchuk in the role of a stripper, sexy lingerie, black stockings, and generous boobs.

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