La pretora

Directed By: Lucio Fulci


Viola Orlando is an uncompromising magistrate who has collected a long list of enemies. Some of these hires the twin sister of the magistrate, a high-class escort, as well as an actress of erotic photo novels. The sister will have to pretend to be the magistrate and ruin her reputation.
In La Pretora, Edwige Fenech splits up and plays two twin sisters: a severe praetor and a libertine. This is one of Edwige Fenech‘s best films, maybe the most loved by her many fans. The hot sequences are many and they are very exciting. Edwige Fenech shows us her statuesque body numerous times in various full-frontal nudes. There is also a breathtaking lesbian scene with Edwige Fenech and Marina Hedman.

Nude scenes