La ragazza alla pari

Directed By: Mino Guerrini


Domenica (Gloria Guida) is an au pair girl who moves from northern Italy to the apartment of a wealthy Roman couple. The spouses are stingy and sublet the girl to condos, which use her for their own needs. Domenica is less stupid than she seems and exploits everyone for her own personal social climb.
The film opens with a train sequence. Gloria Guida is sitting in the compartment of a train and reading a book. She is wearing thigh-high stockings and licking her finger before turning the page. The boy who shares the compartment with her gets very excited.
Ten minutes later, Gloria Guida is undressing in her room while the landlord spies on her. Another ten minutes and Gloria is undressing again, this time to try on some new clothes. A few minutes later we admire Loretta Persichetti naked, getting dressed while talking to a man.
A little later we witness a particularly exciting sequence. Gloria Guida does gymnastics on the balcony, spied by the entire neighborhood. The girl wears a white, transparent lace leotard.
After about 20 minutes without any nude scenes, the fun begins again. Loretta Persichetti undresses to have sex with a man. Two minutes later, Gloria Guida wears an elegant see-through dress and walks among the guests of a party. Six minutes later, Patrizia Webley joins the nude actresses in the film, showing us a dizzying nude. Her boobs are big and firm.

Nude scenes