Terror Express

Directed By: Ferdinando Baldi


On a night train, three criminals commit atrocities. A police officer and a political prisoner are the passengers’ only hope of salvation, including a prostitute working in a sleeping car.
La ragazza del vagone letto (AKA Terror Train) is a sexploitation film that is indirectly inspired by L’ultimo treno della notte, with mixed results. The plot is not very well handled, but the sex scenes are much more interesting. The film was shot by Ferdinando Baldi simultaneously with La compagna di viaggio.
Silvia Dionisio is the first actress to take off her clothes. With her breasts exposed, the girl prepares for the night by combing her hair in the mirror. We soon learn that the actress plays a classy prostitute, who indulges her client in the wagon lit. Gianfranca Dionisi and Fiammetta Flamini are sleeping naked in another wagon.
While Silvia Dionisio is going from customer to customer, Zora Kerova is having sex in a wagon’s bathroom. In the beginning, there is one man, then a second man enters, and we can enjoy a very exciting threesome.
After a quick scene with Fiammetta Flamini naked, Silvia Dionisio gives us the second threesome of the film. This is followed by a hot scene with Zora Kerova and a long sex sequence with the blonde Fiammetta Flamini.
Silvia Dionisio gives us the last nude scene before the end of the film.

Nude scenes