La settimana bianca

Directed By: Mariano Laurenti


La settimana bianca is a classic Italian sexy comedy with a classic Italian sexy comedy plot. A company’s employees plan a trip to the mountains. There’s the one with the jealous wife, the office beauty, the office manager, the playboy, etc. In short, funny characters, crude jokes, and naked actresses: we can’t ask for better.
Anna Maria Rizzoli portrays office beauty and gives us our first nude scene at the beginning. Four colleagues watch her through the keyhole as she undresses in her hotel room.
Four minutes later, the film introduces a very helpful maid, played by the busty Carmen Russo. To the delight of the customer, the maid enters the room and undresses. The scene is repeated five minutes later, with another hotel guest. A few minutes later, Anna Maria Rizzoli undresses to lie on a tanning bed while a few of her colleagues watch.
After a brief sequence with sexy waitress Carmen Russo, Anna Maria Rizzoli presents us with three hot sequences, one after the other: in the pool, wearing a transparent shirt, and engaged in sweet effusions with a guy. A few minutes later, we report a sexy scene with Franca Mantelli, wearing a transparent bra.
The last hot scene is played by Carmen Russo, who goes in and out of a closet, wearing only black stockings and lingerie.

Nude scenes