Riavanti… Marsch! nude scenes

Riavanti… Marsch!

Directed By: Luciano Salce


Between the 70s and the 80s, various comedies set in military stations were shot in Italy. Director Luciano Salce realizes this Riavanti… Marsch! in 1979, taking advantage of one of the classic plots: some men in their forties are called to arms for an update. The fellow soldiers will relive the adventures of the past, but their current age will make it more difficult and tiring.
The nude actresses in the film are popular names. We can admire Paola Quattrini nude, an actress who has not taken off her clothes very often (another interesting nude of hers is in the film Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer?). Then there is a scene with the beautiful and young Silvia Dionisio, who shows us her small and firm breasts. Finally, Annamaria Rizzoli, the actress with more nude scenes, almost all set in the world of dreams.
Annamaria Rizzoli and Adriana Russo are the protagonists of a couple of sequences that were censored in the Italian edition and that are only found in a German edition of the film. Censored, but absolutely not scandalous: it is two nudes in a bed.

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