La sorella di Ursula

Directed By: Enzo Milioni


Ursula and Dagmar, two sisters, establish themselves in a hotel on the Ligurian Riviera to relax and overcome a moment of great sadness due to the death of their father. Unfortunately, there will be little to relax. In the hotel, there is trafficking in prostitution and drugs and in the country some girls are killed by a mysterious killer.
The Sister of Ursula (original title La sorella di Ursula) is a film full of nude sequences, some of them particularly daring to be a 70s thriller.
For lovers of the chubby genre, actress Danila Trebbi gives us a couple of very interesting long sex sequences. Junoesque body and large, firm boobs.
Anna Zinnemann and Antiniska Nemour offer us hot nude sequences and also a lesbian scene between them, very intriguing and very intense.
Barbara Magnolfi is one of the main characters and plays Ursula, but she’s the actress who offers us less nude scenes, showing us only a breast that comes out of her robe.
Stefania D’Amario is Ursula’s sister who gives the film its title. She gives us various sequences and many full frontal nudes. Beautiful sequences also for the spicy blonde Yvonne Harlow.
To summarize: a fabulous film with regard to nude actresses. Full frontal nudes, lesbian scenes and even close-ups on pussies.

Nude scenes