The Virgo, the Taurus and the Capricorn

Directed By: Luciano Martino


The plot, in short: Gioia is a wife tired of her cheating husband, so she decides to reciprocate.
The Virgo, the Taurus and the Capricorn (original title is La vergine, il toro e il capricorno) isn’t one of the funniest Italian sexy comedies, but it’s a masterpiece when it comes to nude actresses. In addition to the main actress, the legendary Edwige Fenech, in this film there are many other icons of that period: Lia Tanzi, Gabriella Lepori, Ria De Simone, Olga Bisera, Laura Trotter
Edwige Fenech and Lia Tanzi tan on the balcony, completely naked, and pretend to be lesbians to tease a peeping tom neighbor.
Gabriella Lepori plays an uninhibited French girl who takes off her swimsuit to sunbathe, showing us her tits and ass.
Olga Bisera, Laura Trotter, and Fiammetta Baralla don’t strip completely, but they offer us some very intriguing sexy sequences.
For the rest, there is the whole collection of sexy comedy scenes: naked actresses in the shower, full nudes, women spied through the keyhole, black stockings… nothing is missing.

Nude scenes