Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Directed By: Laure De Clermont-Tonnerre


Numerous films and television series have been made from David Herbert Lawrence’s 1928 novel. Since its release, the novel caused a scandal because of its subject matter. Young Constance Reid (played by Emma Corrin in this film) marries Baronet Sir Clifford Chatterley, who leaves for the front soon after. The man returns from the war invalid from the waist down, and the couple spends their time in frustration and boredom.
In order to have an heir, the baronet suggests to his wife to have sex out of marriage, obviously without feelings. The woman gives herself to the gamekeeper Oliver but is swept away by a great deal of passion.
This version made by Netflix in 2022 is the nude debut for the beautiful Emma Corrin, who delights us with some very interesting sequences. After the first half hour, the beautiful actress looks at herself naked in front of the mirror, then masturbates on the couch. Twelve minutes later, Emma Corrin has sex for the first time with the gamekeeper. The actress wears very sexy purple stockings. Five minutes later, the gamekeeper’s face is between Emma Corrin‘s thighs. Soon after, Emma Corrin has sex in the woods. A long scene, very intriguing. A sequence follows, showing us various erotic situations between Lady Chatterley and her lover.
Twenty minutes later, Emma Corrin undresses and runs naked in the rain. The last sex scene comes after seven minutes, with Emma Corrin doggy style.

Nude scenes