Laß jucken, Kumpel 5. Teil

Directed By: Franz Marischka


The long original title of this film is Laß jucken, Kumpel 5: Der Kumpel läßt das Jucken nicht and is the fifth installment in a saga that began with the film Laß jucken, Kumpel. Oddly enough, this is the only film in the saga that ventures into hardcore territory. A soft version was probably released in theaters, and a version with hard sequences was offered on VHS.
A young couple expecting a baby moves into a small apartment in a building inhabited by all sorts of individuals. There are nymphomaniacs and prostitutes and a bar, what more could you want?
In the first scene, Elvira Jentgens looks out the window and a guy fucks her doggy-style. Later, Heide Albinsky plays Lona, a Turkish prostitute who has sex with a client after dancing for him. The actress has a nice shaved pussy. Four minutes later, a man is eager to have sex with his wife Gerti (Gisela Krauss). She doesn’t return his enthusiasm, but she gives him a hand job. In another room, a similar scene takes place in reverse. Elvira Jentgens wants to have sex with her husband, but he cannot, so she goes to the bathroom to masturbate.
Meanwhile, Daniela Sander dances naked in front of some men, then has sex with one of them. Later, the actress goes to the bathroom to wash. A man who was spying on her bursts into the bathroom and starts licking her between the legs, but in the heat the two break the toilet, which sprays water everywhere.
A minute later waitress Betty (Marie-France Morel) gives her colleague Klaus a blowjob but is interrupted by a customer. We had already met Betty’s character in the fourth chapter of this saga. A bar patron tells a story from World War II. At a school where women were being educated to breed the Aryan race, an instructor (Elke Boltenhagen) makes female students strip. With white chalk shoved up their asses, the girls have to draw a perfect 8 on the blackboard. We don’t know the names of the actresses playing the students, unfortunately.
We return to Gerti’s husband, who still wants to fuck and was not satisfied with his wife’s hand job. The man goes to see Ilsa (Daniela Sander), who satisfies him, but they are interrupted by her husband, who has returned home. The man goes to Frau Kornowski (Elvira Jentgens), where he finally gets a full performance. Two minutes later, Christine Frank lies on the bed and masturbates with a vibrator while a man spies on her. Ten minutes later, we return to the room of prostitute Lona (Heide Albinsky). Her pimp has come by to collect. Seven minutes later, Christine Frank is involved in a beautiful sex scene that includes oral sex and penetration.
In the last scene of the film, Gerti and her husband finally have sex. It’s well worth the wait, as Gisela Krauss gives him a terrific blowjob.

Nude scenes