Escape from Women’s Prison nude scenes

Escape from Women’s Prison

Directed By: Giovanni Brusadori


Four inmates manage to escape from prison thanks to the help of the brother of one of them. The guy, however, is wounded by a prison guard, almost fatally. The four women and the wounded man are rescued by a bus that transports young tennis players to a tournament.
They will all become hostages of women.
Le evase – Storie di sesso e di violenze (known internationally as Escape from Women’s Prison) is the first and only film with the actor Giovanni Brusadori as director. The quality is fluctuating, but there are several good moments, even for us lovers of nude actresses.
Marina Daunia introduces a young Dirce Funari to the pleasures of lesbian sex. Ada Pometti tries on lingerie and then has sex with a hostage. Lilli Carati gives us a beautiful full nude and Zora Kerowa plunges into the bathtub after stripping completely. Artemia Terenziani, an unknown actress who starred only in this film, is also naked in the tub.

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