Le Mans – Scorciatoia per l’inferno

Directed By: Osvaldo Civirani


A car racer has a serious accident and decides to retire from competition. From this moment, he starts training new drivers. Because of one of them, the relationship with his wife sours.
In the sixth minute, Erna Schurer sunbathes by the pool wearing a green bikini. Twenty-eight minutes later, Paola Iacopucci is in bed with a man. The two are talking, and when she turns toward him, her nipples pop out of the sheet. Four minutes later, someone throws Edwige Fenech into the pool. The actress comes out of the water with her white shirt all wet and we can see her boobs very clearly. In the next scene Erna Schurer is in the mirror talking to a man. She is covered only with a white towel, and she drops it as she speaks. The man picks it up and puts it on her.

Nude scenes