Le Sexe qui parle nude scenes

Le Sexe qui parle

Directed By: Claude Mulot, Francis Leroi


Joelle’s pussy speaks! Joelle is a career woman who has a sexual adventure with a blonde girl. This girl sends her a strange virus, which provides her with a talking vagina. After giving herself to the most complete perdition, Joelle has sex with her husband Eric and gives him this kind of infection.
The mysterious Penelope Lamour – who only starred in this film – gives us several scenes, with handjobs and blowjobs. For vaginal penetration, a body double was used. The anal scene of the sensual Ellen Earl should also be a body double. The lesbian scene between Penelope Lamour and Ellen Earl is real and very horny!
Sylvia Bourdon delights us with a spectacular double blowjob. Later, Béatrice Harnois shows us another great blowjob. The last actress on the list is Francoise Vandelle.

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