Directed By: Max Pecas


Felicia, whose original title is Les Mille et une perversions de Felicia, was born as a softcore comedy. The director Max Pecas made it as a soft film, but taking advantage of the liberalization of porn in France, he turned it into a hardcore film. A young English girl is hosted in the home of a middle-class French couple. First, she seduces the man, then the woman, then both.
The softcore version of this film has a more articulate and fun storyline, while the hardcore version focuses more on sex scenes. And that’s what we prefer.
Beatrice Harnois plays the young English girl, while Rebecca Brooke is the wife of the French couple. Two beautiful actresses that excite us a lot between blowjobs, lesbian scenes, and sex sequences. There are also a couple of lesbian scenes with Eva Khris and Marlene Myller.

Nude scenes