Directed By: Ernst Hofbauer


Lehrmädchen-Report is a German episodic film, in the style of Schulmädchen-Report, and tells the story of some young girls struggling with the German apprenticeship system. Of course, their bosses and colleagues are all depraved…
In the first episode, Annemarie (Renate Heuer) is an apprentice in a fashion company and has a crush on her boss. The girl climbs the stairs specifically to have him look at her panties, and when she’s in the bathtub she thinks of him touching herself between her legs.
In the following episode, Eva Gross and Marina Blümel work at a hair salon wearing transparent uniforms. After getting to know them at work, we enjoy a long sex scene with Marina Blümel. In the third episode, Carmen Jäckel works at a construction site and her colleagues play sexual pranks on her. After work, the girl comes home, undresses, and washes, showing us a beautiful full-frontal nude. Later, the girl has sex with a guy. In another episode, a man joins a motorcycle gang. When the motorcycles stop for a break, one of the bikers (Eleonore Leipert), has sex in a meadow with a friend. Waitress Jutta (Karin Götz) is the protagonist of the following episode. The girl runs naked through a forest, then has sex with a guy.
We now switch to Elsa (Manuela Wondratschek), an apprentice in a clothing store. The owner (Elisabeth Volkmann) catches her stealing clothes but forgives her in exchange for a lesbian sexual performance. In the last episode, Birgit Tetzlaff works in an electronics assembly company. Of course, her boss wants to have sex with her.

Nude scenes